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Why are Voodoo love spells so effective?  Voodoo love spells are some of the most popular because they have a reputation of working really well.  So, what’s the difference? What makes Voodoo love spells so special?

In order to answer that question, we need to look at the different types of magic.  Voodoo love spells are very specific. They can be written to suit your needs exactly.  And because Voodoo love spells are not restrained by the rules of white magic, they can be very direct. 

This makes them much more effective than general white magic spells that attract certain energies but have no specific targets. There are many different ways of casting Voodoo love spells, from ritual baths to magical powders and more!

What makes spells powerful?

White magic has a simple rule that must be followed.  Nobody can be harmed. Now, remember that according to white magic, harm even includes restricting somebody’s free will. That means that if I cast a white magic love spell, I’m not allowed to name the person I would like to attract. We can cast white magic love spells to attract love into our lives in general, but we don’t have any control over what that brings us.

Voodoo Love Spells

What kind of magic is Voodoo?

More traditional kinds of magic and witchcraft like folk magic don’t ascribe to this rule. Practitioners of folk magic may believe in the Law of Threefold Return, which states that what you send into the universe will be returned to you threefold. Or maybe they simply believe in karma.

Either way, practitioners in the area of gray magic believe that witches should be able to decide for themselves which consequences they are willing to live with. So, if they want to cast a magic spell on a love interest thereby manipulating them into loving them, that is their choice. It is not a moral judgment. However, if there are negative consequences from that action, they must be prepared to accept them.

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Consequences of spellcasting

What could the negative consequences be from making somebody fall in love with you be? Doesn’t everybody want to be in love? Well, think of it this way. If somebody cast a love spell on you but you were actually in love with somebody else, then the spell would be forcing you to do something that you don’t want to do. White magic practitioners consider this to be harming someone.

Or let’s say you force somebody to fall in love with you and then you realize that they are in a relationship with somebody else. Your love spell could be responsible for breaking that other person’s heart. That definitely falls into the category of harming someone! What if this person has children that you didn’t know about? They could also be harmed.

Or from another perspective, what if you force someone to fall in love with you and then you realize that you were just infatuated and you actually don’t want to spend the rest of your life with them. Love spells can be very strong and this person will now be spiritually bound to you. As a spell-caster, this is a consequence that you must accept.

Witchcraft is a practice, not a religion, and therefore one of the most fundamental teachings is simply to accept responsibility for the things you set in motion through your spell casting. If you are willing to suffer the consequences of your actions and take responsibility for what you have caused, then that is your choice to make. Witchcraft doesn’t preach morals. Some refer to this as grey magic.

Voodoo love spells

Voodoo love spells

Voodoo love spells come from a rich tradition of ancient, African, shamanistic traditions that were brought across the Atlantic Ocean and into the United States, the Carribean, and parts of South America. These West and Central African traditions became fused with Western Christianity. There are many different branches of the Voodoo religion, but they do have some common denominators.

Voodoo practices believe that there is an invisible and visible world. The spirits of the departed continue to live around us but on the invisible side. Ancestor worship is a very important part of the Voodoo religion. Additionally, magical practices and rituals are a fundamental aspect of their practice and belief system. There is a belief in one supreme God, but there are many spirits that can be called upon to aid practitioners in their spiritual and magical work.

Voodoo love spells have a lot in common with other types of witchcraft spell-casting.  Voodoo love spells incorporate candle magic, magical herbs, and also the use of simulacra or talisman. The famous Voodoo doll, for example, is a physical object that is imbued with spiritual energies and charged with certain intentions that will affect the physical world. However, not all Voodoo practitioners use voodoo dolls. In fact, candles, potions, powders, washes, and baths are much more common. Voodoo magic also incorporates the use of crystals and minerals. In fact, they ascribe them a lot of the same powers and uses as in the Pagan and Wiccan witchcraft traditions.

Voodoo magical oils

Making magical oils is a very important part of Voodoo. Although it is possible to purchase pre-made oils, the tradition encourages learning the uses of various herbs and ingredients and preparing your own. In order to make these magical oils, you need a mortar and pestle. Pour in two ounces of your carrier oil and add the mixture of herbs and ingredients as per the recipe. Take the time to crush the ingredient into the carrier oil and then store the mixture in an airtight container. Always store your magical oils in a cool dry place to keep them potent. Allow the mixture to infuse for four days and then check to see if it is the desired potency. If not, you can strain the ingredients out and repeat the process. Here are a few magical oil recipes from “The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook” by Denise Alvarado. This book is an essential resource if you really want to learn all of the ins and outs of the Voodoo religion and its magical practices.

Attraction Love Oil

This magical oil will attract love to you. Blend together equal parts of the following ingredients:

  • Rose scent, which can be one or more of these:
  • Essential Oil of Roses (Rose Otto)
  • Essential Oil of Rose Geranium
  • Rose Fragrance (synthetic)
  • Lavender oil
  • Vanilla oil
  • Sandalwood oil

Touch to pulse points when in the presence of the one you want to attract. (© 1999 Catherine Yronwode)

Voodoo spiritual baths

Spiritual baths are another common type of Voodoo magical practice. Very similar to traditional and Wiccan healing and spells removal practices, Voodoo spiritual baths remove negativity and cleanse the body and spirit. They can also fill the spell-caster with positive energies and attract specific intentions.

Follow these guidelines for ritual bathing:

  • Bless the water before stepping into the tub and invoke the appropriate Goddess
  • Soak yourself completely in the water while naming your concerns
  • Stay in the bath for at least 15 minutes while visualizing the solution to your problem
  • As you drain the water, visualize your problems vanishing. Say “Let it be so.” as the last drop vanishes
  • Be sure to clean your tub with salt after the bath

Yellow Bath for Attraction

This yellow bath for attraction will help you to attract a lover. It is also good for correcting any relationships you already have and it’s also good for your skin!

  • Yellow food coloring
  • Parsley and yarrow flowers
  • Wash with honey
  • Yellow or orange candle
  • Patchouli or cinnamon incense

(The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook, Copyright © 2009 Denise Alvarado)

Voodoo gris-gris bags for love

Gris-gris bags are a very common and important element of Voodoo magic making. Traditionally, they are made from red flannel, chamois, or leather. They are tiny little pouches like a spell or charm in a bag. The bags are filled with items specific to the desired intention of the spell. The magical ingredients are placed inside, anointed and then either smudged with incense or breathed upon to activate the magic. Gris-gris bags are very personal and the items chosen should represent whatever desire the spell-caster has. There are no set rules of what needs to go inside, you must study common ingredients and then follow your intuition.

Gris-gris bags can be filled with anything from magical herbs to crystals, to pieces of bone or graveyard dust. Whatever matches the intended purpose of the spell. Gris-gris bags are traditionally carried by the spellcaster both as a reminder of the spell and to keep it close to you in your life. Essentially it is a talisman. The spell is cast as the objects are placed inside the bag, then the bag is sealed and anointed with a special oil like the anointing oil we outlined above. Once the pouch has been smudged with incense or breathed upon, it can be carried around to work its magic!

There are five things to remember when creating a gris-gris bag:

  • Choose the correct color for your gris-gris bag according to color symbolism. The color should match the intent of the spell.
  • Always place an odd number of items into the bag. Never less than three and never more than thirteen.
  • You must fill the gris-gris bag with items that are relevant to the spell’s intended purpose
  • You must dress the gris-gris bag with a liquid of some kind, whether a magic oil or potion
  • Don’t forget to activate the gris-gris bag by smudging it with incense, holding it over a flame, or breathing upon it.

Algier’s Powder

Here is a voodoo love powder, also from Denise Alvarado’s book. You can place this powder inside a gris-gris bag or use it for foot track magic. In fact, these powders and potions have multiple purposes, so once you have made them, you can keep the leftovers and use them for other spells. Go ahead and fill your sacred pantry and voodoo spell casting will become quick and practical! Use this powder to attract love! You can use it in your gris-gris bag or dust in on your body.

  • Patchouli
  • Orris root
  • Vanilla Oil

Grind the herbs and add them to a base of rice flour or cornstarch. Mix in a few drops of Vanilla oil. (The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook, Copyright © 2009 Denise Alvarado)

Attraction Love Spell

Here is An attraction love spell that’s very much like a Wiccan love spell. Rather than manipulating somebody’s actions, this spell seeks to draw love into your life. Just like with Wiccan spells, cast this spell on the waxing or full moon for maximum effect!

Materials and Supplies

  • A pink candle
  • Your favorite perfume or essential oil
  • A toothpick


  • Engrave a heart into the toothpick while visualizing love coming to you
  • Put the candle under the moonlight
  • Place the perfume in front of the candle and chant:

“Oshun, bestow upon me the love that I need; let this scent attract (name) to me!”

  • Allow the candle to burn out completely
  • Wear the perfume whenever you go outside and repeat the chant for extra potency

Discovering Real Voodoo Love Spells

Aspect Description
Origin Rooted in ancient African shamanistic traditions, merged with Western Christianity
Belief System Embraces both visible and invisible worlds, ancestor worship, and magical rituals
Common Practices Utilizes candle magic, magical herbs, simulacra or talisman, and the crafting of magical oils
Tools for Oils Employs mortar and pestle for preparing magical oils, with an emphasis on learning herb properties

The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook, Copyright © 2009 Denise Alvarado

Now that you have a nice collection of Voodoo love spells to play with, go and read the full “Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook” for more exciting spells like the Potion #9. Or if this is a little too involved or you don’t have enough time to do so much research, call a spells advisor at Psychic Belinda at https://spellsandpsychics.co.za/. They can cast these Voodoo love spells for you! The first three minutes are free and you can find many great advisors to choose from on their website. They are all thoroughly reviewed, so you never have to wonder if you are dealing with a scam. Let us know how it goes in the comments below!

Pros of voodoo love spells

  • Very effective
  • Can be made with many household items
  • Lots of options from potions to powders two talismans

Cons of voodoo love spells

  • Many different traditions, so can be confusing
  • Knowledge passed down by word of mouth harder to learn


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes Voodoo love spells effective?
Voodoo love spells are known for their effectiveness as they can be customized to suit individual needs and aren't restrained by the rules of white magic, allowing them to be very direct​1​.

2. How are Voodoo love spells cast?
There are various methods to cast Voodoo love spells, including ritual baths, magical powders, candle magic, and the use of simulacra or talisman like the famous Voodoo doll​1​.

3. What could be the negative consequences of spellcasting?
Spellcasting can potentially harm others, like causing heartbreak or forcing someone into love, and spell-casters must be ready to accept the consequences of their actions​1​.

4. What are the origins of Voodoo love spells?
Voodoo love spells trace back to ancient African shamanistic traditions that merged with Western Christianity in the Americas, forming a rich tradition of magical practices​1​.

5. How are Voodoo magical oils prepared?
Voodoo tradition encourages preparing your own magical oils by blending herbs and ingredients using a mortar and pestle, storing the mixture in a cool dry place to maintain its potency​1​.


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