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Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly will a love spell work on the person of my dreams?

A love spell is psychic energy, it sends out a request to fate/the future to manifest your wish. Fate filters down to the earth plane and brings about the results you are seeking.

The future is unwritten and therefore controllable to a certain extent, spells work on the astral or psychic plane - which is above the earth plane.

At first results are invisible because they are working on someone's mind, thoughts and feelings, also the spell is manipulating fate so what you want will actually happen. There's no need to panic if nothing appears to be changing, that only means you cannot see changes, but rest assured the one you love is being influenced positively, their anger, disinterest, coldness etc. will start to fade away and be replaced by pure love and passion for you. Meanwhile, fate will be arranging for your relationship to take off again!

Natural fate i.e. fate not manipulated by a love spell may go your way or it may not, at any one time we all have many future possibilities, a psychic will pick up on the strongest one, which might be the one you want, or if might not - whether it is or isn't you can use a love spell to make the future reality you want come true. Therefore, if a psychic tells you something you don't want to hear, don't panic - it's not written in stone - if it was all world leaders would have a psychic advising them 24/7. Furthermore, of course it is possible for your own actions to affect your future - to a certain extent, if for example you call your ex 20 times each day you'll drive your ex further away. With a love spell you need to leave your love spell to do everything for you, it wont make errors, being psychic energy it will know exactly what to do.

Do you guarantee results ?

Guarantees are technically impossible where love spells are concerned, psychic readings, medium communication and anything spiritual. If there is a problem however, which is very unusual, it is important you let me know and then it can be fixed fast allowing your love spell to work. Love spells are much, much more likely to work than fail, everything is on your side.

Also the main reason for not guaranteeing spells is I only have control over what I do, I do advise clients just to let their spell do all the work, but occasionally a client will take everything into their own hands, which is wrong, since that method failed to solved their troubles in the first place. Basically your love spell will locate the easiest, best and fastest way to grant your results, it will be unique to you, and fit in with the person you are, but you do need to let your love spell work on your heartache - the job assigned to it.

I try my very hardest for all clients to get their results as soon as possible, spells work as fast as they can, but I do not offer a money back guarantee because I would have many people requesting a refund two days after the casting because they haven't seen any results. Many times on this website I state results appear as soon as possible, very rarely overnight, although you could see some nice changes fast.

If a lady is pregnant, we expect she will give birth to an healthy child, but not always, not even the greatest doctor could guarantee that, yet we can say the lady is more likely to have an healthy child than not have one - based on experience, the same is true for a love spell - it is much, much more likely to work than not - and at least with love spells if there does appear to be a problem, it can be resolved.

How long do results take?

It varies from client to client, but in truth there is no timeline, love magic spells simply work as fast as they possibly can. Most people, but not everyone will see their situation alter within a week or two, although full results may take longer. Spells can take anything from 10 minutes to a couple of months; if your situation is very complex, you need to be prepared to wait a little - you will get your results, and while you are waiting you will witness positive changes.

For a situation to become stable and solid - time is needed, for example if you are reunited with your ex 7 hours after your love spell has been cast (and it can happen), your spell will keep working, otherwise your ex might leave the next day which isn't what you want. However, for permanent life long results it is always advisable to use binding love spells which are permanent and eternal. An ex will return keen for your relationship to last, your reuniting love spell will keep working until they are back with you properly.

Instant results are not possible, anyone guaranteeing results overnight is not a witch, if instant results were available people would use spells without thinking and ruin their lives. Real spells connect to you and what you want, they alter your future and your present, which may well indirectly affect your friends and their lives too, therefore changes cannot be instant because to ensure everyone no matter how little they are involved in your situation is in the right position for full results to manifest will take time. For example, if I cast a love spell for someone to meet their Mr Right, the perfect guy is not living next door, they would've met him already if that was the case, so the spell has to arrange for my client to bump into their perfect man, that will not happen an hour after the love spell has been cast - my client's Mr Right might be on holiday perhaps.

However, so that you have a rough idea on when results will appear, they may be granted any moment after a spell has been cast, results become more and more likely each day and I would expect 99% of my clients to have full results within a couple of months. Many clients do get very fast results, as already stated, spell results try to appear as soon as possible, they are not lackadaisical, they don't take forever, they are fast, but for very complex cases overnight results are unlikely. It is important you accept spells work, but need time, and of course I am here for you to contact if you feel nothing is happening, or you have any questions, need clarity or advice - or just someone to talk to.

Can I speak to you on the telephone?

No I am sorry you cannot, I am very busy answering clients emails or casting spells, also offering phone communication would lead to unwelcome time wasters, at least with emails I can spot the time wasters instantly. Furthermore everything can be done faster by email anyway as I am online many times daily. My website has all the information clients may need (hopefully). Anyone who wants to discuss their situation on the telephone must find a website that offers such a service, I operate online via fast email feedback, with a big informative website. Also my services are available to anyone wherever they live, therefore time differences would also be problematic where phone calls are concerned. Another thing I love about email communication is I have instant access to your case, and all the details on my computer. I am confidential.

Do you only cast love spells?

No, I cast spells for everything, but anyone with a broken heart can only focus on one thing - the pain they feel even while they are sleeping, they may well have money or neighbour problems, and I can cast spells for those problems, but anyone who puts money, neighbours, slimming etc. before heartache is not heartbroken in the true sense of the word - real heartbreak is on your mind 24/7, and is the most painful experience you can have, so that is why my spell casting website is quite literally 99.9% love spells. If your heart has been broken nothing else matters - nothing, it's hell, pure hell.

My boyfriend lives in a different country, will your love spell work?

Yes, distance is something not recognised by spells or psychic energy, therefore it doesn't affect a love spell in the least.

I am already using a witch, can I use you too?

Yes, you can use as many witches as you want and as many spells as you wish without problem.

Why do you charge for casting love spells and psychic reading, I think it's wrong?

It takes a long time to learn to cast love spells that will work repeatedly, furthermore if you buy a love spell kit it will cost you money, plus you will need time to cast it and there will be no one to offer you support. It is also a witchcraft law: a gift, for a gift - which balances the energies.