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7 False Assumptions People Often Make About Psychics

It’s hard to choose a good psychic we understand that, but sometimes, it’s even harder when we have expectations about a psychic that doesn’t always match the reality.  The best way to make the most out of a psychic reading is to understand some of the examples where expectation versus reality is very different so that you can be confident that the psychic you chose is the real deal.

And so we’ve listed some of the common assumptions that people make right here to help you make a good choice the next time you enjoy a psychic reading.

1.Psychics receive their messages as clearly as we see, sense or hear things that are in our physical world.

Most people who approach a psychic for a reading, may not even give this assumption a second thought.  However, it makes all the difference in understanding what is occurring during your reading.  

Psychics might have a sense of something, they may hear a combination of words, or see flashes of images which all may be symbolic and require translation, or are only part of the story.  The psychic then has to learn how to put these pieces of the puzzle together so that they can make sense out of it for you.

This is where the psychics’ skill is required.  It can take years of practice to learn how to translate or even understand the messages they receive.  

So when you are enjoying a psychic reading and the psychic is vague, or cannot answer a question directly – this is probably why.  

2.Because you are paying for the reading you can control the message.

You can’t control the psychic messages you receive from a psychic.  It doesn’t matter how much you pay the psychic nor how demanding you become.  The messages you receive are what you need, and never usually what you want.

If what you want and need aligns then that often makes a happy client, but if they differ, a good psychic won’t appease you with what you want to hear.  

Instead, they’ll simply pass on the message that they receive for you.

3.All psychics can predict.

Not all psychics can predict, and really, they shouldn’t anyway.  This is because a prediction is based on a future event that hasn’t occurred.  It’s just a possibility, one of many.

All future events are dependent on too many variables for it to be set in stone.  For example, somebody makes a decision that changes the future, somebody becomes sick, a company goes bankrupt, all of which change the course of all future events and nullify any predictions made.

  1. 4.All psychics are deliberately vague.

Some psychics are deliberately vague because they are not connecting with you and don’t tell you this, or because they are not very skilled yet.  

However, the messages that are received and passed onto people are usually vague.  As explained in point 1. If a psychic uses tarot as a tool, the message might become more evident, because the tarot cards tend to reveal more information.  

5.It’s easy for a psychic to understand and relay the messages they receive.

Nope, translating messages is hard.  This is where the skill and experience of a psychic is applied.  It takes years to hone this skill of translating messages, and is often why some psychics are labelled fakes.  Simply because they are still learning how to translate the messages they receive.

6.All psychics can contact the dead.

Only mediums can make contact with your lost loved ones.

7.Psychics are fake if they don’t read perfectly every time.

Of course, some psychics might be fake. However, it’s also possible that they are just having a bad day, are sick or are finding it difficult to connect with you.

If a psychic is not feeling perfectly healthy and balanced, they can have difficulty connecting which can be the cause of a poor reading.  

The messages can also be too advanced for the psychic or the person having the reading to realise or understand too.  But in the future, the penny drops and the reader recognises what the psychic was communicating. Some psychic messages season over time! They can also serve as a signpost to lead you where you need to go.

These are just a few examples of how we make false assumptions about psychics. 



Source: https://www.psychicguild.com/blog/7-false-assumptions-people-often-make-about-psychics/

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