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What to expect when a spell is cast for you

The number one, most frequently asked question is, “What can I expect?” The
answer is as individual as the person the spell is cast for. A lot of the answer
depends on the type of spell being cast, and the individual circumstances of the
person it is being cast for.

For example; with protection spells and curse reversal spells, many clients report
a feeling of peace and being at ease, like a huge weight was lifted off their
shoulders. Many say it’s kind of like feeling a “spiritual hug”. With other types of
spells, especially money, luck, and love spells they experience more a feeling of
anticipation, like something wonderful is just around the corner.

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Many people experience a tingling sensation in the forehead area between the
eyebrows, which is often prior to significant dreams and/or sudden hunches. They
often get a sudden “feeling” to do something they normally wouldn’t do, or go
somewhere they normally wouldn’t go. When they act on these impulses, they
usually end up understanding the underlying reason later.

They might get a sudden urge to go shopping at a different store, only to run into
someone that gives them just the information they were looking for. They might
see a flyer that gives them a sudden idea that turns into a great money making
opportunity. At the last minute they might decide to drive home by a different
route, only to run into Mr. or Mrs. Right at an intersection. They might suddenly
decide to read a section of the “want ads” that they would never look at normally,
only to discover an ad for a job they had never even considered only to discover
that they love the job and make a lot more money doing it than the job they had


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It’s usually an entire series of “coincidences” that all work together to help bring
about the desired change. Very rarely, it is one huge, lightening bolt from the sky,
but rather a lot of little things that when put together they add up to a very big
change indeed. “Lightening bolt” changes can be very difficult to deal with and
can often be very upsetting as well, especially if they include unwanted changes
that you hadn‘t even considered. The many small changes make it a lot easier for
you to get accustomed to what’s going on, and gives you a chance to adjust to
those changes in the most constructive way for you.

It helps to think of spells as very powerful prayers. Prayers designed to help bring
about positive, constructive changes for you and those you love, in the most
constructive way possible for all concerned. Every spell on this site is specifically
designed to help bring about helpful changes in a positive and constructive way.
You won’t find any black magic or revenge spells here. My main goal is to help
people improve their lives, in the most gentle and constructive way possible.

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what to expect from a spell

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