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Spell Casters – operating with Authentic Practitioners

Sadly, it would appear that one would need to rely on supernatural forces and supreme ironings so as
to find authentic spell casting services and the reason for this is often because of the very fact that the restricted
number of practitioners who offer authentic magic are considerably outnumbered by the quantity tricksters and con artists. 

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This does not mean to say that authentic witches do not exist, but what it DOES mean is that if you
are eager to rely upon real practitioners then you will need to perform some due diligence before
you hand over your money to the practitioner in question.
As a general rule of thumb, spell casters who provide genuine magic will be fully transparent,
honest and forthcoming about what they do, how they do it, along with the fees that they charge.
Providers of spell casting services will also be willing to provide a comprehensive and easy to
understand breakdown of what they will be doing for you and what you are actually paying for.
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A true spell caster will never try and pressure you into doing something you do not want to do, nor
will they ever try and twist your arm to use them and only them. Indeed, rest assured, if any
practitioner who alleges that they provide authentic spell casting services then proceeds to threaten
you with dire consequences should you not hire them, then laugh it off and find someone else.
Honest spell casters will be fully open about whether or not they can actually help you. Too many
practitioners promise the world to their clients, are ultimately unable to deliver, and then rather
than trying to explain why things did not work out the way they could have or indeed should have,
they then blame the customer or try and fleece them for even more cash.
You must understand that there are no guarantees in spell casting. Please get this idea off your
head and in my opinion you should stay away from anyone that claims that they can guarantee their
A practitioner who provides genuine spells will first listen to your query, identify what it is you are
actually wanting to achieve, and then determine whether it is realistic and achievable. If it is not, and
if there is a potential alternative solution to your problem, then the spell caster will also be willing to
advise you about them as well.
One of the surest ways to determine whether a practitioner offers authentic services is to
deliberately ask them a question that you know that they cannot possibly achieve (such as breast
enlargement spell, or a turning you into a vampire spell). Should the practitioner who claims that
they provide real magic then claim that actually yes, they are able to do such spells, then walk away.
Some clients are not comfortable about asking questions of practitioners who claim that they
provide true magic as they are worried that they will offend the practitioner. In reality, people who
practice witchcraft are well aware that people may have problems or issues with what they are
doing and so will go out of their way to put the doubtful customer at ease.
What you should expect from a Spell Caster and What Not
If you are not proficient in spell casting or don’t want to take the chance on doing a spell yourself,
you may wish to hire a professional practitioner who does spells for you on your behalf. The fact of
the matter is that there are good spell casters who will work hard for you and providers that are
only after your money. Witches who work on the internet are more or less organized to help you get
a spell cast.
If you are looking for an honest practitioner, you need to find one that has a very professional
website that details the types of spells you might be looking for. Some free spells might also be
offered to you for you to try yourself. You should be able to find a biography or introduction of the
spell caster so you know who you are dealing with. There should be a physical address available.
You should be able to read terms of service and a privacy policy. The provider should have a
merchant account with which you will pay your bill. It’s all very professional and above board, similar
to other professionals you hire through the internet. Stay away from Western Union.
Please take the time to actually read websites.
Lately I am receiving a lot of comments in my blog from people claiming to have had outstanding
results from spells cast from practitioners that only have an email address and no website. Be VERY,
very careful. These comments are submitted by spam robots that post these entries automatically in
thousands of blogs at a time. These are not legitimate providers and only try to hunt down
desperate people.
It should be free to consult with the practitioner and get an analysis of your issues from them. There
should be proper information that details the prices for all rituals and spells they can do for you. If
there aren’t any prices listed, this can be a bad sign and may mean the provider intends to
overcharge you or take advantage of you.
Doing a spell with a professional caster can be complicated. He or she may want information from
you, such as your date of birth and may need pictures of you or of loved ones. Pictures of potential
love matches may need to be sent to the practitioner. Trust the professional to know what to do
and how to get it.
You have to keep in mind that you are not actually casting the spell yourself but your hire an
outsider that will have to connect you to the universe and to your wish. The circle of energies can
not flow without you being invested with mind and spirit.
When it is time and all materials are gathered, the spellcaster will perform the spell and will tell you
how the spell casting is going and when it will be completed. In all cases, you need to give the spell
some time to work. It may take several hours or days for the witch to perform your spell and this
may add to the cost. When it is done, talk to the witch about how long you should expect to have to
wait. It can be in as little as a few hours or as long as a few months, depending on the spell and the
will of the Universe.
It is a nice thing to let your spell caster know when the spell has come to fruition. When you receive
the money you had wanted or get the love of your life from a love spell, it’s a good thing to let them
know that you’ve been successful.
The spell caster’s job is to get the spell done and shouldn’t be to advise you on every step of the
way after that. Spell casters have many spells to do and don’t have the time or inclination to take
care of you in that way. Use them for the spell and expect success after that. However, they should
be there for you if you have questions or concerns in regards to your case and especially when your
spell is not working the way you wished for.
I hope this information sheet is helpful to you when dealing with witchcraft and magic services.
In conclusion:
Take the time to read practitioners websites.
Trust your inner voice.
If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.
If you want to learn more about magic, love spells and witchcraft please visit my blog
When a Spell Caster’s Spell does not deliver results
Since talking about authentic spell casters I would also like to add that there are sometimes clients
that refuse to read websites, refuse to listen to the practitioner and refuse to accept anything the
spiritual realm has to offer. Even tough they engage in spells they have no belief in them.
It is a safe assertion to make that the idea of love spells and witchcraft are not concepts that are
comfortably tolerated by many people even in this supposedly tolerant, democratic and open
society that we live in and many people are attracted to spell casting for all the wrong reasons and
other, repulsed by it by the same.
It would seem that critics of spell casting and practitioners who engage in the magic arts are ever
vigilant for any sort of news of failure on the part of spell casters, the better for them to then stand
on their soapbox and then condemn the magical arts and it’s practitioners as nothing more than
cheap parlour tricks and trickery. These are the clients that order spells, do not follow instructions,
do not communicate with the practitioner and then stand on their soapbox in blogs and forums, to
let the world know what happened to them. From the very beginning they are not working WITH the
practitioner, they are working against them, so it seems.
A common source of their ammunition is the issue of why love spells can fail.

Why some Love Spells Fail

Love spells are very popular aside from spells used to gain prosperity, wealth and relief from debt.
Everyone wants love in its purest, most romantic form. When doing a love spell, you can have
someone specific you are looking for or you can be looking for that elusive soulmate. The problem
is that some love spells can fail and you are left wondering “why did it fail” and what to do about the
If truth be known, love spells in general work very well. The success or failure of a spell, however,
depends on a number of things. Magic is not a hundred percent effective and you need to look
through the possible reasons why some rituals fail.
It is very important to understand that just because a spell didn’t produce the outcome you were
wishing for, it is not automatically an indication that you were dealing with a fake spell caster.
First of all, you need to follow the spell caster’s instructions exactly and make sure you fully
understand how the provider works. Some spells, especially when performed by young and
inexperienced practitioners, can be very finicky in the way they operate so that the slightest
variation on the spell can cause it not to happen very well. You must work carefully in partnership
with your spell caster so that both you and the practitioner do what is necessary to make the spell
You cannot have unrealistic expectations if you want a love spell to succeed. This means that you
can’t expect to have your ex-lover knocking on your door tomorrow showering you with deep love
and affection. Magic and witchcraft is a process, not a push-button kind of thing. Even though some
clients receive very fast results, for the majority of clients results happen gradually.
The more your lover is already attracted to you, the faster they can produce results. The more
negative feelings they feel for you, the longer they take.
There are no guarantees in magic. The will of the Universe has a lot to do with this and sometimes
the Universe has completely different ideas about what you need, regardless of what you want. It’s
not easy to accept but may be the case when some spells fail.
Imagine the person you are truly in love with is actually a very evil person and would be capable of
harming you severely. The positive energies of the universe would never allow such a union
because it already knows that you will suffer a great deal from it.
Don’t take any shortcuts with your spells. Do not rush the spell caster. If the spell takes several more
days to complete, have faith in the process. Focus on your goal. Think positive. Allow the love spell
to work for you. Your mindset should be directed at love and it can be directed on one person or on
a type of person you are interested in.
Remember the “faith” part of magic. You need to really believe in the spell and in the practitioner’s
ability to make the spell work. You have a degree of personal power that can push the spell into
completion. Use it! By thinking positive.
The failure of your own trust in yourself, your results and the love spell is why some spells fail.

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