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Simple And Effective Love Spells To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Ever missed your ex-boyfriend so much that you would do anything to have him back? How about casting a love spell on him? Check out these magic love spells.

Simple And Effective Love Spells To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

A spell is any intentional motive that is made stronger by belief and rituals, which is performed to achieve a particular result. Spells come in different forms and there are many ways of accomplishing them. Many people have gone through break-ups, and they find it hard to move on. When your boyfriend breaks your heart, you need not worry since there are ways you win his love back. Very many people will give you advice, but at the end of it, you make your own choice. We will focus on love spells as a way to reclaim the lost love of your ex-boyfriend.


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Will A Love Spell Get My Ex-Boyfriend Back?

Many people may wonder whether the spells work since they are more about magic than reality. First, you need to know that anybody can cast a spell. However, it requires a special mastery of specific words for the spells to have meaning. There are those people who have truly mastered the art of casting spells and even do it for commercial purposes. The advice we can give you is to take these spells seriously. Here are some advice and spells that you can cast to get back your ex-boyfriend.

The Linkage Spell

This spell is one of the easiest and a very simple spell that you can cast to get back your ex-boyfriend. For this spell to work, you have to possess one of the belongings of your ex. This could be a personal belonging that he treasures very much or even something that directly links to him. In this case, you can have a piece of his hair. Since the piece of hair links to him directly it is the best item that you can use to cast this spell. Once you have his hair, cut a small piece of your hair, and put them together with his hair. Take a pot of clay and make 40 small balls from the clay. After making these balls, find a place just outside your ex-boyfriend’s house where he passes every day and bury one clay ball each day for forty days. Make sure that each time you bury the clay balls, you say his name several times especially in the evening. You have to believe that this spell works for it to yield any results.

The Lemon spell

At some point, every relationship experiences moments of disagreement that can culminate in break-ups. However, these break-ups do not always go well for most people. Maybe you still feel that you love your ex-boyfriend and you would do anything to get him back. The lemon spell is a simple spell that will enable you to get back your boyfriend. For the lemon spell to work, you will require a lemon (fresh), a piece of paper (pink) and thread (red). Once you have these three items together, you can cast the lemon spell. On the piece of paper, you can write your name and the name of your ex-boyfriend. After writing the name of your ex-boyfriend, take the lemon and cut it into two halves. Fold the paper in such a way that your names touch. After folding the paper, place it in between the two halves of the lemons and tie the two halves together with the red thread. As you do these procedures, imagine how your ex-boyfriend makes you happy and have a strong belief that he will return to you. After tying the lemon, hide it in the freezer where nobody can see it as you wait for your ex-boyfriend to come back into your loving arms. The waiting period should not take more than one month.

The Candle Spell

The candle spell involves six candles. Two of them are pink in color, one green, one yellow, one red, and one blue candle. Take the green candle and position it on the table or on a flat surface to face the North direction of the room. The yellow candle should point east; the red candle should point south while the blue candle should face west. Once the candles are in position, take the two pink candles, hold them in your hands, and face the red candle/south direction. The advice here is to try to visualize your boyfriend’s return as you chant his name so that the goddess of love may grant your wish. You should put all your focus and emotions on this spell so that you may make it work.

The Magic Spell

The magic spell (black) is intended to channel energy into your ex-boyfriend’s heart, ignite in him the feelings of attraction, and love towards you. This spell makes your partner yearn to be around you all the time and will make him feel lonely whenever you are not around. For this spell to work, you need the following items: a red candle, sterile needle, one chicken wing (organic), thread, your blood (3 drops), wooden matches, and a parchment paper. Once you have assembled all these items together, light the red candle using the matchstick. After lighting the candle, take the chicken wing and write the name of your ex-boyfriend on the paper. On top of your ex’s name write your name with the same chicken wing and drop seven drops of the candle wax on the parchment paper. Take the sterile needle and pierce your finger to draw three drops of blood on the piece of paper. As you drop the blood on the paper you should focus on the return of your ex-boyfriend by building positive energy through your thoughts and mind. When you are convinced that you have built up enough energy, blow the candle out. Take the chicken wing, wrap it inside the paper, and tie the pack with the thread. Find a place and bury the package that very day. You should wait for the full moon and burn the remaining candle until it burns out completely. You can now wait for the return of your boyfriend.

The Magical White Spell

The magical white spell helps to block the negative energy that caused the two of you to break up and replaces it with positive energy that helps the two of you to fall in love again. You will need two thick candles (white and pink), a wooden match, a toothpick, a pencil, and a parchment paper for the spell to work. Once the items are in place, take the white candle and write your name on it. On the pink candle write your ex-boyfriend’s name. Light the two candles with the wooden matchstick. As the candles burn, draw your focus to your ex-boyfriend as you watch the candle burn. You should keep all other thoughts at bay as you visualize and imagine how much you wish your ex to come back to you. Draw three hearts on the paper using the pencil. Take the other candle (white) and use it to drop wax on the hearts that you have drawn on the parchment paper. When the hearts have been covered in wax, you should blow out the candle (white). Now use the pink one to drip wax onto the paper until the three hearts are covered in wax and then blow out the candle (pink). All this time keep your ex-boyfriend in mind. Focus on how much you long to have your boyfriend come back to you. Visualize your boyfriend’s return, and how happy he makes you feel. Repeat the above procedure for one week while using the same parchment with the images of the three hearts close to each other. On the last day of the spell, allow the candles to burn out completely. Take the parchment paper and keep it somewhere safe from people as you wait for your lover to come back to you.

The Voodoo Spell

The voodoo spell requires you to have a doll. The doll should be made in such a way that it looks like a man. Get your ex-boyfriend’s hair and a piece of his clothing especially a shirt that is still dirty. After acquiring these materials, take the piece of his hair and stick it on the doll’s head (you can use glue). Cut the cloth into pieces and patch them on the doll’s body to resemble how your ex-boyfriend wears them. Once the voodoo doll is completely filled with your ex’s personal stuff, put it in your pillow close to where your ex-boyfriend’s pillow lies. You can chant by talking to the pillow as if you are talking to your ex. These chants are enough to cast a love spell to your ex and the desire to come back to you will be unmatched as long as you remain focused on the doll spell with you all your mind, spirit and body.

The Crescent moon spell

In this spell, you will need three red roses, a glass bowl, and a salt solution. Take the flowers and cut their petals into pieces. Pour the salt solution into the glass bowl and dip the flower petals. As you immerse the petals in the salt solution in the bowl, chant what you would desire to happen with a strong conviction that it will happen. In this case, you can chant using your ex-boyfriend’s name and how you would like to have him back in your life. Ensure that you cast this spell during the crescent moon especially on Friday evenings.

The Spiritual spell

This spell entails one taking a spiritual washing (bath) before carrying it out. After washing yourself, put on red clothes and carry a red candle. On the candle, write the name of your ex-boyfriend and light it. As the candle burns, empty your head of thoughts and try to focus on your ex-boyfriend’s return. It requires full concentration while carrying out this spell. Repeat the procedure daily for 21 days and on the 40th day, your ex-boyfriend will come back to your arms.

The Mental spell

Just as the name suggests this spell requires no ingredients but the mind. You will need to find a quiet place that is free of distractions. Once you get to this place, sit and with your eyes closed, think about your ex-boyfriend as you let images of him cross your mind. Try to visualize the best way you can as you maintain full concentration. Once you have him on your mind, tell your ex-boyfriend how you feel about him, and how you would like your future relationship to be. This, however, should not be loud but should take place in your mind. Once you have said what you desire and have visualized your perfect relationship, you can pray so that your wish is granted. All this time the eyes are closed and should be opened only after finishing the whole spell. Various love spells can be cast to get back your ex. These spells are simple and very effective. Therefore, you should choose the one that suits you best. Once you have followed all the instructions, sit back and wait for your ex-boyfriend to come back.

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