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How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Find Your Soulmate In 7 Steps

Attracting your soulmate can be extremely easy if you use the law of attraction to help you draw in your perfect partner.  

Below are seven surefire tips for attracting your soulmate. Follow these tips, and you will harness the law of attraction by sending out the right smoke signals to bring you together.

1.  Be Congruent

So many people give out mixed messages when it comes to thinking about what they want. Most of the time they are not even aware that they are doing so.

But sending out mixed messages is not going to harness the law of attraction.

To harness the law of attraction, you need to be very clear about what you want and then stand by that wholeheartedly.

Putting the work in to align yourself with your dreams ensures that you are sending out positive power signals to the universe that you are ready to attract the perfect person for you will harness the law of attraction and to do so, you need to be congruent in your beliefs, lifestyle, goals, decisions, emotions and psyche.  

To find out how you can start to work on yourself to become congruent with your soulmate goals keep on reading and check out a professional psychic too.  

Forget the standard love advice that you might have heard before. A professional psychic can look into what obstacles might be causing you to send out mixed messages and advise you about what in your psyche is not congruent with your goals so that you can start to address them.  

You can even ask your psychic to help you to understand what you need to do to solve or heal any blockages in your psyche that doesn’t help you align with your goals. This process will ensure that you peel away the layers and evolve into the person who is perfectly aligned to their perfect soulmate.  

2. Know What You Want

Make a list of what you want in a soulmate.  Including how you would like your lifestyle together to be, where you might live, what you would be open about, what qualities your soulmate has and what habits they shouldn’t have.  Keep reviewing this list, and updating it.

3. Know Who You Are

One of the best forms of love advice that we have discovered is this; imagine yourself with your soulmate, and notice how you are different to who you are right now.  Write down the qualities you have in your visualisation that you don’t have now. Then make an effort to continually assess yourself and clear up or change anything that doesn’t align with your visualisation.  No stone should be left unturned.

The quicker you do this, the more opportunity you will have for finding your soulmate.

4. Deal With Your Baggage

We don’t always sail through childhood or adulthood without a few scars and problems.  Some people have more issues than others, but ideally if you can work to heal the baggage that arises in your psyche from this experience you’ll improve your ability to harness the law of attraction to reach out to your soulmate, and you’ll have a much more enjoyable relationship because you’ve put this work in too! While this might not be the type of love advice you’d like to hear, it definitely is the kind of advice that you need to hear!

5. Visualise

Visualise life with your ideal person regularly and start to become the person that you see yourself being with your soulmate.  

6. Practice Positive Thinking, Always

Manage your thoughts so that they are always positive but realistic.  So if you don’t like something about yourself, and think you need to work on something to attract your soulmate, do so, knowing that you will make the changes that are required to improve yourself.  Instead of saying something like ‘I’m never going to be a good enough or a likeable person for anybody to love me’ etc.

7. Create The Lifestyle You Imagine

Again, don’t wait until you meet your soulmate to work on the lifestyle of your dreams, start working on that now.  It will help you align with who you could be at your best, and that’s the perfect goal to have if you are going to attract your soulmate.  

Law of attraction

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