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How to Tell if a Magic Spell Is Working

For every situation that exists and every wish in need of fulfillment, there is a corresponding magic spell. Spells for love, spells for money and spells for health are among the most popular for both professional and amateur practitioners. But the value of any spell lies not in the casting, but in the results. Sometimes spells work and sometimes they do not. Sometimes they can be re-cast with success and sometimes a spell just won’t work. Nothing in life or magic is certain. However, there are a few things you can do once a spell is cast to determine whether or not a spell is working.

How to know if a love spell is working

Determine if a Spell is Working

Check the calendar.

Check the calendar. Some spells take one lunar month, or 28 days, to go into effect. Additionally, the phase of the moon at the time of the casting will have some influence of the effectiveness of the spell and the overall outcome, depending on what the spell was for.

Perform a divination.

Perform a divination. Use a deck of cards or a pendulum to ask the powers that be about the progress of the spell. Inquire about the status of the current situation as well as things that can be done to bring the spell to full fruition.

Keep a dream journal.

Pay attention to the environment and current surroundings. Often when a spell is in progress the universe sends signs, signals and omens to the spell caster. Patterns will present themselves as information becomes available relating to the status of the situation in question. Additionally, a dream journal should be kept as information may be more readily accessed by the subconscious mind.

Re-examine the spell.

Re-examine the spell. If more than a month has passed with no visible results, the spell may need to be recast. Evaluate the spell and determine what variables may need to be changed in order to bring about the desired outcome.

What is the ultimate goal of the spell?

Evaluate the ultimate goal of the spell. A spell that is too vague in focus is less likely to be effective than one with a very specific aim.


Understanding the Signs from the Universe

One of the fundamental ways to know if a spell is working is to be attuned to the subtle signs that the universe sends your way. These signs could manifest as synchronicities or serendipitous events that align with your spell's intent. For example, if you cast a spell for financial abundance, you might start noticing opportunities for extra income, discounts, or gifts. These signs often serve as indicators that the energies have been set in motion and are working towards your desired outcome.

Track Behavioral Changes

Often, when a spell is taking effect, you might notice changes in behavior—either your own or that of others involved. For instance, with a love spell, the person you are targeting might suddenly start paying more attention to you or show more affection. Even subtle changes in demeanor should not be ignored as they can be an important sign that the spell is working. Keep a journal to record any noticeable changes in behavior to track the progress more effectively.

Mental and Emotional Shifts

Spells often work on a mental and emotional level before manifesting physically. Therefore, a spell can start to show results by altering your internal state. Pay attention to mental clarity, emotional stability, or an increase in positive feelings. If you cast a spell for health, you might feel more energized and positive even before seeing physical changes. Being aware of these shifts can help you gauge the spell's progress.

Consistency in Rituals and Meditation

Continuing to practice rituals and meditation focused on your spell's intent can significantly influence its success. Consistency helps in reinforcing the spell’s energy and keeps it active. This is especially important for complex spells that may require more time to show results. By regularly meditating and focusing on your goal, you're sending continuous energy towards the spell.

  • Lunar Phases: Tailoring your meditation and rituals according to lunar phases can enhance the spell's effectiveness.
  • Elemental Correspondences: Use elements like candles, herbs, or crystals that align with your spell's purpose during meditation.

Consult Experienced Practitioners

If you are unsure about whether your spell is working, it might be beneficial to consult experienced practitioners. They can provide insights and even assist in diagnosing any issues with the spell. Seasoned spellcasters can offer guidance and might have additional techniques to enhance the spell’s effectiveness.

Additional Resources: Online forums, books on spellcasting, and consultations with professional spellcasters can serve as valuable resources for further information and guidance.

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