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Custom Spells by Spells and Psychics

What is it you want? Would you like to have a loved one return to you? Fix a problem relationship? Make the man or woman of your dreams fall in love with you?

Belinda's Custom Love Spells
are the answer!

Q: Can I get a consultation before I order
Yes! I offer FREE consultations in most situations.
The best way to reach me is by email at:

Or Visit my website at: https://spellsandpsychics.co.za/

Q: What spell should I order?

All of my spells are cast SPECIFICALLY for you. That means I will create a unique spell based on your situation and needs. You just need to tell me what you want to happen, and I will create a spell for it.

Q: What types of spells can you cast?

Here are some examples of commonly requested spells:

Love Spells
Make Him/Her Love Me
Break Them Up
Return Him/Her To Me
Keep Our Relationship Strong
Marry Me!
Keep Him/Her Faithful
More Passion
Stop a Divorce

Money Spells
Get a New/Better Job
Fast Money (indicate amount)
New Home/Apartment
Get a Raise/Promotion
Long Term Financial Success
Gambling/Lottery Spells

Other Custom Spells
Weight Loss
Weight Gain
Negativity Banishment
Aura Cleansing
Quit Smoking/Bad Habit
Get Pregnant
Make Me Irresistable

Q How do you cast the spells?

After you order from me, and email me your information, I will review your request, take some time to meditate on your individual case, and then plan a ritual that best suits your exact situation. This extra planning allows for maximum power and effectiveness.

Each spell will take 3 to 7 days to complete, and I will use a combination of candles, oils, and herbs, all chosen specifically for your purpose and astrological circumstances.

Q: What if I want to break up John and Jane, and have John come back to me and be in love with me?

Please be aware that a 'break up" spell is going to need to be a different spell than a "come to me" or "love me" type of spell. So if you want to break up a couple, and have someone return to you, that will need to be two spells.


Q: What sort of information do I need to email you?

After you order, please email me:
- Your full name
- Your birthdate
- Names and birthdates of any people involved in the spell
A description IN YOUR OWN WORDS
of the situation, and your desired outcome

To ORDER a Love Spell Click Here

Whatever your need is, I can help.


Custom Spells

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