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A genuine healer isn’t somebody whose array of services is limited to love and marriage

Have you ever been conned by the so-called lost love spells caster in Durban and ripped off your money with a promise of rekindling the flame of love? Or perhaps met a fake Sangoma with the costumes of a traditional healer in Cape Town?

If you haven’t, then you really have not trawled South Africa’s booming industry!

Let’s face it; there’s nothing harder than identifying a legit, expert healer who can rekindle an old romance, eliminate your financial woes or improve your sexual prowess from the hordes of fake ones. Not even the sweet talking pamphlet-holding reps that line up along the main street in Cape Town or the calm, callous Muti and love portion dealers of Johannesburg.

But, can you tell if indeed a traditional healer will be of help without stealing your money?

We all know that a true healer; someone who can cast a powerful charm of love or financial success, is not easy to get. Such a Sangoma is understandably elusive and can’t be found out there in the streets or even spamming our social media timelines.

A genuine healer isn’t somebody whose array of services is limited to love and marriage portions either. Most of those con artists whose names start with Dr So and So and promise a variety of “good luck” and “love” muti charms and portions aren’t to be trusted.

On the contrary, you can get a true lost love spells caster in Durban by following the following steps:

  1. If he or she is from a family is famed spell casters who have cured for generations and can’t be doubted anymore.
  2. If he or she was initiated and inducted by a renowned Sangoma whose exploits aren’t questionable.
  3. If he or she undertook rigorous and in-depth training and completed external healing courses offered by a traditional spiritual healer, astrology or herbalist.
  4. If he or she has incredibly unique ingredients in the spells and knows how the right jargon to use and appease the spirits and ancestors and will not waste your time with a needless gimmick.
  5. If he or she has a massive list of excellent, reliable and affordable services that include the ability to speak good fortunes, love charms, financial success, and protection from bad dreams and many other services.
  6. Is known and can be vouched for by the community.
  7. And finally, has a certificate of competence from the Traditional Healers Organisation (THO) and an extensive list number of testimonials from real, genuine persons.

The reason to highlight this is because quack healers and bogus traditional healers are everywhere nowadays and do promise quick and significant outcomes.

Traditional Healer


How to Verify the Authenticity of a Traditional Healer

When seeking a genuine healer, it's crucial to verify their authenticity through specific measures. Firstly, consult with family members or friends who have previously used the healer's services. Word of mouth remains a powerful tool. Additionally, check if they have a physical practice location; most reputable healers have a permanent place where they see their clients.

  • Research the healer's background and ask about their training and lineage.
  • Request to see certificates or recognitions from established traditional healing bodies.
  • Verify their membership in recognized associations like the Traditional Healers Organization (THO).

Services Beyond Love and Marriage

A genuine healer offers more than love and marriage charms. They possess a unique understanding of various life aspects and can assist with:

  • **Health Issues:** Healers often use natural herbs and traditional remedies to address physical and mental health problems.
  • **Financial Guidance:** Authentic healers may offer spiritual advice to attract prosperity and better financial management.
  • **Protection Spells:** They can provide charms and rituals for protection against negative energies and bad dreams.

Signs of a Genuine Healer

Identifying a genuine healer involves observing specific attributes. A true healer demonstrates:

  • **Ethical Practice:** They should have a deep respect for their practice and not promise unrealistic quick fixes.
  • **Transparency:** A legitimate healer explains the processes and what each ritual entails. They should be open about their methods and ingredients used.
  • **Consultation:** Genuine healers often provide an initial consultation to understand your needs before recommending specific services.

Can Spells for Financial Success Be Trusted?

One common service offered by traditional healers is financial success spells. However, discerning clients should approach these with caution. Authentic spells target enhancing personal qualities, attracting opportunities, and encouraging prudent financial behavior.

  • **Enhancing Personal Qualities:** Spells may focus on boosting confidence, clarity, and decision-making skills.
  • **Attracting Opportunities:** They work to align energy and favor circumstances that can lead to financial gain.
  • **Encouraging Prudence:** They promote better financial management and discernment in spending and investment decisions.

Additional Resources

For more information, consider visiting the website of the Traditional Healers Organization or consulting books by renowned authors in traditional healing practices. Community forums and reputable online directories can also provide valuable insights and reviews of traditional healers' services.


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