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7 Powerful Beauty Spells That Really Work

7 Powerful Beauty Spells That Actually Work [Made For Everyone]

Feeling beautiful today is a challenge, and it’s not always easy to live in a modern world where we are always pushed to look fabulous, perfect, and flawless. Beauty Spells can help you change your perspective, feel prettier, and find the power and the confidence to rock your world!

In most cases, the definition of what is beautiful for us passes through thousands of conditions.


What we were told to be beautiful when we were little, advertising, art, fashion. It is difficult to recognize when something is good for us, for our heart and soul, and when something satisfies a mental mechanism stuck in our minds.

Why is it important to know how to recognize what is right and beautiful for us?

Simply because it is a sign of freedom, slaves of preconceived images almost feel guilty when we find something beautiful that is unpleasant for the mass, when we like something different, whether it’s people, objects, or situations.


Casting your own magic spells takes skill and patience and isn’t recommended in most cases. I provide these “do it yourself” spells for educational purposes, but it is strongly recommended that you consult an experienced spell caster such as myself and allow me to do the work for you.

This way you know it’s being done by someone experienced and knowledgeable and I’m also always here to answer questions about your casting and provide follow-up at no additional charge.

Beauty & Confidence Spell Casting

Beauty & Confidence Spell castingBeauty & Confidence Spell Casting is great for people that are feeling vulnerable, unattractive, and insecure.

I have helped hundreds of clients over the years, and I’d love to work with you as well.


What are Beauty Spells?

Beauty spells are powerful, easy to perform kind of magick to uplift your beauty, and most of all, help you increase the self-confidence, and help you feel better in your skin!

The spells I’ll show you today are suitable for all – beginners and expert witches. You don’t need anything fancy to perform them.

The main foundation of everything is your commitment and trust in the process.

What does a spell for beauty and attraction do?

These spells are related to beauty but are the most effective when it comes to your body image. It’s all about self-positivity and self-esteem. And when you radiate the positive energy to people around you, you’ll see how powerful the attraction will be.

So they may not be able to meet your expectations fully.

You may wish desperately to have blue eyes instead of brown. That’s not how it works.

beauty spells in spellbook

Before we Start Casting

Create a harmonious environment around you. Surround yourself with perfumes, plants, charms, and even music. This will be your first step towards casting any of the spells below.

Once you have created the environment, and you can feel the inner peace and harmony, it provokes in you, focuses on bringing this feeling even outside of this harmonious area.

beauty spells preparation

You must know that the brain registers the sensations and all the suggestions that are combined with the sensations themselves, will make you remember the times when you were in a peaceful state.

A homemade perfume or a candle are perfect examples. You can always have them with you when you feel like you were pushed aside because you weren’t the prettiest looking woman (or a man) in the office or on the bus.

If this happens, take out the candle or a perfume, smell them, breath, and feel the confidence kicking in. Your aura will change immediately, and people will feel your positive energy, you’ll get attention immediately.

Now let’s finally take a look at powerful beauty spells that work fast!

Before I forget… Spells below can be used by men as well.

My Favorite Spells for Beauty that Work Fast

Beauty is a very subjective topic, which differentiates in every culture. It shouldn’t have universal measures.

Remember, each of us is unique and possesses an extraordinary beauty within!

Let’s see how you can release this beautiful force that sleeps in you, with some free beauty spells.

A Powerful Seduction Lotion

A Powerful Seduction Lotion
Share this with your witchy friends.

This lotion will help you attract others and boost your art of seduction.

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly
Effectiveness: 3/5

Things you need

  • A photograph of you
  • A picture of the person you would like to look like
  • Pins
  • A bottle of lotion
  • A bottle of pheromones

How it’s done

Even though it’s easy to perform, you must carefully follow the procedure.

  1. The first thing is to take your photograph and the photograph of the person you want to look like and join them with four pins.
  2. Then you will have to put both in your closet where nobody can see them.
  3. After that, you will take the bottle of your favorite lotion, and you’ll add two drops of pheromones and finally shake this bottle.
  4. Then you’ll give three blessings to the bottle and with the following prayer:

    “That this perfume is a magnet for them
    That attracts the eyes of all
    May my beauty be noticed
    May my body change and be beautiful in the eyes of all
    May my smell be noticed by everyone as they pass by and be attracted to me.”

  5. When you’re finished, close your eyes, and you will visualize yourself, as you want people to see you.
  6. The next day, before you go out of your home either to work or to any other activity, you need to apply this lotion gently on your neck. You’ll have to use it daily.

Follow the procedure carefully, and you will see how crazy results are in a very short time.

Full Moon Beauty Spell

Full Moon Beauty Spell
Share this spell with your witchy friends.
This is a powerful spell that works under the influence of the Full Moon.


Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly
Effectiveness: 4/5

Things you need

  • One small hand mirror
  • One candle
  • Rose oil
  • Incense (patchouli)

How it’s done

Select a color for a stronger effect or mix to get a bit of each:

  • Red candle if you are looking for sexual attractiveness
  • Silver if you want to be at the center of attention and have charisma
  • Orange candle if you want to be attractive in general and nice

On a full moon night, look for an isolated outdoor spot. Light the incense and the three candles, undress, and grease the parts of your body that you wish to change with rose oil.

A Prayer:

“Holy full Moon that you reflect in this mirror
Let your light beam illuminate my beauty
Wrapping it in sweet splendor.”

Lower the mirror and look at it, visualize how you would like to be and how you would like others to see you repeating the following:

“Like a flower in its light
Don’t let my beauty ever fade.”

Now place yourself in front of the reflection of the mirror that brings the moonlight in place.

Show the part of your body you wish to improve, so that you see the full Moon in the mirror.

In the end, wrap the mirror in a dark cloth and keep it in a safe place.

If the mirror is broken, the spell will also be broken.

Green Magic Spell to Find Inner Beauty Overnight

Green Magic Spell to Find Inner Beauty Overnight
Share this spell with your witchy friends.
If you’re a gardener and you love using herbs, you’ll love this spell.


The right moment to cast the spell is at dawn, in the first quarter of the Moon, from May 1st to August 31st, except on Saturdays.

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly
Effectiveness: 4/5

Things you need

The herbs must be natural, grown without fertilizers or other chemicals. Pick them with your hand, on a field (choose one that gives you positive feelings) and, if they are not covered with dew, splash them with water, and leave them under the Moon all night long.

How it’s done

  1. Find a quiet and relaxed place.
  2. Turn east and take a bow, then south, then west and finally north.
  3. For each direction, say this:
    “To you East, I honor the element of Air;
    To you South, I honor the element of Fire;
    To you West, I honor the element of Water;
    To you North, I honor the element of the Earth.”
  4. Then turn back to the east, where the Sun is born, and repeat these words:
    “At the center of everything, I honor the element of the Spirit”
  5. Light the green candle, relax and breath deeply, then repeat these words:
    “I appeal to the Spirit of the green fields
    and the essence of Nature
    that reproduce in me
    their splendor and natural beauty.”
  6. Take the dew-laden herbs with your hands and absorb their power. Concentrate and feel the energy entering you.
  7. Now leave the herbs and bring your hands to your face, repeating the words above.
  8. Then keep your hands on the herbs, absorbs their energy, and bring your hands back to your face, repeating the same words.
  9. Repeat this action nine times.
  10. Turn off the candle, re-light it at dusk and let it get consumed completely.

Aphrodite Beauty Spell

Aphrodite Beauty Spell
Share this spell with your witchy friends.
With a little help from the Goddess Aphrodite, this spell will help you improve your self-confidence and help you feel more comfortable in your skin.


You can do it on any day of the week and at any time.

The only requirement is that you should not have your period. In case you have it, you should wait until it is over.

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly
Effectiveness: 5/5

Things you need

  • A mirror
  • A current photograph of you
  • A picture of the Goddess Aphrodite
  • A blue ink marker
  • Transparent tape
  • Five blue candles

How it’s done

    1. The first thing you are going to do is take your photograph and the photograph of the Goddess Aphrodite, and with the blue ink marker, you will write on the back of both photos the things you want to change on your body.
    2. If you want to change something of your face, you can write it down or something of your body; for example breasts, skin, hips, hands, nails, eyelashes, eyebrows, etc.
    3. Then you need to place your photograph in the front of the mirror, and you will stick it with the transparent ribbon.
    4. For five consecutive nights, you will light a blue candle, and you will do the following prayer.
    5. A Prayer:

      “To the Goddess Aphrodite the most beautiful of the goddesses, I ask you to help me to see myself as beautiful as you are, help me make my body look the way I want it to be, a body that is pleasing in the eyes of everyone.

      After these five nights, you will put the image of the Goddess in your right pocket every day before leaving, and you will repeat the request to Aphrodite.

      To the Goddess Aphrodite the most beautiful of the goddesses, I ask you to help me to see myself as beautiful as you, help me to make my body look the way I want it to be, a body that is pleasing in the eyes of everyone.”

    6. Finally, you should keep the mirror where you have your picture in a dark place so that no one will see what you were and can only see how beautiful you are becoming.
    7. Having done the above, you will see how everything in your life begins to change both the way you see yourself and how others see you.

A Beauty Spell with Rose Petals

A Beauty Spell with Rose Petals
Share this spell with your witchy friends.
      This is one of the easiest beauty spells that you can perform.


Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly
Effectiveness: 4/5

Things you need

    How it’s done

        1. Fill your bathtub with warm or hot water (it depends on your mood). Spread the rose petals in the water.
        2. Light the pink candles around your tub, or as close to you.
        3. Then light the lavender incense.
        4. Once you are in the water, meditate and visualize the image of yourself you want to see.
        5. Relax and then say this spell once:
          “Earth, Air, Fire, Sea,
          The beauty of the Goddess I begin to project.”
        6. Relax and continue with a relaxing bath as you always do, to nourish from the magic, rejuvenate, and get ready to enjoy the benefits of this powerful beauty spell.

    Wiccan Spell for Beauty

    Wiccan Spell for Beauty
    Share this spell with your witchy friends.
        If you are already into magic and you want to try something a little bit more advanced this Wiccan beauty spell is something you should try.


    Difficulty: Intermediate
    Effectiveness: 4/5

    Things you need

      • A precious stone to increase confidence and power, for example, Kunzite, Sodalite, Rhodonite, or Fire Opal.
      • An athame (if you do not have one, a stick or any knife will also work).

      Red is a color of fire, power, and sex. Surround yourself with red, and you will soon be drawn into its fiery vibration and move more confidently through life.

      To perform this spell, ideally, we will use something red, or we will have a big red object nearby, like a carpet or a sheet.

      How it’s done

          1. Stand next to your altar or table, upright with a secure and robust posture.
          2. If you wish, call your spiritual guides, guardian angels or gods and goddesses to join you and help you make this incantation.

            “I ask that my guides and angels join me for this session and help me build self-confidence and a positive attitude in life.”

          3. Take a deep breath and relax.
          4. With each exhalation, feel that your tensions leave you. Let your thoughts come and go without paying attention. Keep your posture erect and strong.
          5. Take your Athame and aim at the ground.

            “I absorb the balance and vitality of the Earth.”

          6. Then, hold the Athame against your chest and feel the power of the Earth overflowing, balancing and making you healthy and vibrant.
          7. Then point to heaven with Athame.

            “I absorb the power and the joy of the wind.”

          8. Hold the Athame against your chest and feel that the mighty power of the winds that fills you.
          9. Feel gentle breezes, playful bursts, and furious storms inside you. Then relax for a moment.
          10. Now take your stone or quartz and keep it resting on your Solar Plexus (the point where the lower ribs meet), where your confidence and your power reside.
          11. Hold the stone against on that area and say the following spell:

            “I charge my solar plexus and my whole body,
            I let the fire burn inside.
            From now on I will feel good,
            I feel beautiful being on my skin.”

          12. Repeat this a few times, as you imagine the stone lighting up your chest, filling you with a yellow-orange tone of strength and confidence.
          13. Then, hold the stone over the third eye and say:

            ” Sun and Moon, your light huddled,
            I concentrate on energy and strength in this world.
            Eternal beauty in front of who will see me
            It is done. So it will be.”

          14. Repeat the spell several times, while visualizing the stone being melted all over your head, submerging in a warm and soft oil that makes you beautiful.

      The beauty spell is now done.

      Give thanks to the spirits and close the ceremony.

      Have the stone near you during the next few weeks. You’ll feel safer, happier, and prettier.

      Beauty Spell With Blood

      Beauty Spell With Blood
      Share this spell with your witchy friends.
          It sounds creepy and dangerous, but it’s not. It’s actually an easy spell, suitable for everyone.


      Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly
      Effectiveness: 3/5

      Things you need

        • One needle
        • One small piece of paper
        • One red or pink candle

        How it’s done

            1. Light the candle and say the following spell:

              “Goddess Aphrodite
              Listen to my plea,
              Make my body look perfect.
              Make my curves a model,
              Of beauty and youth without pain,
              That’s how I will attract my true love. “

            2. Click (or cut) your thumb and while you drop three drops of blood on the paper say:

              “This is my blood, this is my sacrifice,
              And so you can give me what I ask,
              This is my will.
              So be it”.

            3. Fold the paper with the blood in it and fire it with the candle.
            4. Finally, relax, meditate on your new lifestyle, and when you’re ready, turn off the candle.
            5. Remember to turn off the candle without blowing it. Use your fingers or a metal spoon.

        Final Thoughts

        Beauty spells are a great way to boost your confidence, live a better, more fulfilling, and more serene life becoming more aware of who you are, what you have, and what to get in life.

        These spells are so effective and, most of all, are very easy to perform.

        So, don’t be shy, find a calm place to start practicing some magic, and boost your beauty!

        Order Powerful Spells Online from Professional Love Spell Caster.

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