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2 Simple Wicca Spells To Make You Successful In Life

Everyone wants success. That is already a given. But the trick is finding it, or, for it to find you. If you want to succeed in life but you don't know where to start AND you just happen to be just a little bit spiritual, may I suggest that you try several Wicca spells to help get you started. Wicca spells have allowed many a great people find success in life. Good karmic spells allow good positive energies to surround the caster as he/she invokes the power of the spell. If you are new to this, you don't have to worry. These spells are very simple but it can drastically change the way you think and do things.

Wicca Spells To Make You Successful In Life

A lot of Wicca spells offer the caster certain attributes and qualities up until the spells last. Some of the spells that I've read up on are spells that grant the Wiccan caster the power of prophetic visions. Some enable the caster to see inanimate objects or spirits as what some would say. There are other more fantastic spells that are out there like the ability of flight and of an out of the body experience. Today though, we will start with some very simple Wicca spells to help you achieve greater things in life.

Before you continue, I need to remind you that for Wicca spells to work, you must clear your mind of any negative thoughts. Thoughts of violence, revenge, vandalism or theft will just not work. Focus only on what is good. Wicca is a branch of witchcraft that was not meant to inflict harm on anyone or anything. In fact, majority of Wiccan practitioners follow the Wiccan Rede - it is a structured guideline on what can and cannot be done with Wicca spells. The Wiccan Rede has but one very fundamental law: do what you want, just don't harm others.

Spell of Wisdom
For this spell, you will need a table, a chair, and an object of focus. I would recommend an old book. Leather bound if possible. First, place the book on the table in front of you. Have a seat, and cross your feet. If you are a leftie, the left foot should be in front, and if you are right-handed, the right-foot should be in front. Now concentrate your mind on the book and most importantly, keep your eyes on it. As you begin to concentrate, chant the following verses:
"Concentrate myself on the things above and learning all the things I love.
Wisdom be my guide. Knowledge be my guide. Your Spirit be my guide."
Of course, the effects of the spell will not be realized until you apply it to something. Try studying after casting the spell. You will find that learning will come so much easier.

Spell Of Health
It is best to invoke the Wicca spell of health during the morning just before breakfast. For this spell you will need to brew a potion. Don't worry, there are no cauldrons involved here - not yet anyway.
Here are the ingredients of the health potion:
1 cup lemon juice
2 cups drinking water
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 gram crushed moringa leaves
1 tablespoon virgin coconut oil
a small sprinkle of mint
To prepare the potion, just mix all of the ingredients together in a standard mixing pot and once prepared pour the mixture in a cup or a glass. Before drinking the potion, recite the spell:

"This day I live on given time, to You I give oh most divine
For health and strength to live this day; may Your spirit be mine"
After casting the spell, drink the brewed potion, and that's it! The spell should allow you to feel a lot healthier the rest of the day. Also, as a side note, Wicca spells like these are rare because it can be done on a daily basis. It will be really beneficial and healthy to the spell caster.

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