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10 Love Binding Spells That Work

10 Love Binding Spells That Work

Let’s see the 10 best love binding spells that are free, effective and you can safely cast at home. With these powerful love spells, you can get anything you want from your partner or a potential lover, and achieve a lasting and happy relationship.
Love Binding Spells That Work

Love Binding Spells

Love Binding Spells

Spell to Find the Right Person

Goal: Get you to focus your energies, your vitality and your interest in finding a person who deserves your attention, and will know how to value you.

This type of spell always works better if you keep your spirit open to all possibilities and remain attentive to your surroundings, so that you can perceive the signs and recognize the people around you who really value you, discovering among them who deserves your love.

How to do it:

Place three pink roses in a vase with water
Light a white candle.
In a piece of cloth, put a branch of cinnamon, a blade of laurel and eucalyptus; Then fold the cloth into a bundle and tie it with a twine.
Once the items are placed on your altar or a table, say the following love spell aloud.

Love binding spell:

“Powers of the universe and
Forces of love,
I ask to find the person
With whom to walk
In pain and in joy.”

Love Binding Spell to Get Reciprocate Love

Goal: To direct the attention of the loved one to us, so that he or she discovers our attractiveness and feels the energy of our affection.

It is important to “help” this spell a little. You must take care of your appearance and have contact with the person you love.

How to cast the spell: (On a Friday, if you want to attract a man, or a Tuesday if you want to attract a woman).

Place a jasmine and a rose (better if it is pink or red) on your altar or a table.
Light a red candle between both flowers.
Write the name of the person you desire on a piece of paper.
Say the following spell aloud.
Then burn the paper in the candle flame.

Love Binding Spell

“I call the forces of love
To see me as I am,
Understand that I love you
And understand my passion.”

A tip: As is known, pink is the color of romantic love; So to favor the spell it is advisable that you dress in pink or fuchsia garments while you cast the love spell.

Binding Love Spell to Make a Relationship Durable and Happy

Love binding spells

Love binding spells

Goal: To prevent and keep away bad influences and negative energies that may arise in a relationship.

When starting a relationship it is important that you show yourself as you are, with sincerity and clarity, and that you seek to obtain the same from the other person.

How to cast the love spell:

Place orange blossoms in a vase on your altar.
Light a white or green candle.
Place a bowl of water on the altar, add daisy petals to the water.
Say the spell aloud.
Let the candles burn to the end.

Love Binding Spell:

“With the force of water
That purifies everything
Move away from our love
Whatever is negative.”

A tip: It is convenient to repeat this spell periodically if you want the relationship to be lasting.

Love Spell to Prevent Arguments and Fighting

Goal: To remove the negative energies in the couple, and in this way facilitate the coexistence.

How to cast the love spell:

Place a bowl of clear water on a table.
Lights a white candle beside it.
Put a piece of copper in front of it (the inside of electrical wire is copper, but if you do use a wire, remove the plastic that covers the copper).
Write on a piece of paper the name of your partner and after reciting the spell wet the paper in the water.

Love Binding Spell:

“With the purity of the water,
I keep away negative forces
Which bedim our joy.”

A tip: It is good to repeat this spell every so often, even if things go well. Preventive magic is often one of the most effective.

Love Spell to Improve Sexual Desire

Love binding spells

Love binding spells

Goal: To make sexual pleasure increase.

Before performing this spell, more powerful than the previous ones, make sure that you have tried the other love spells and they have taken effect.

How to cast the spell:

Set the mood in the room using incense.
Put five red roses on the table or altar forming a star, with the stems in and the flowers out.
In front of you, place a paper with the name of your partner.
Place a cinnamon stick on top of the paper or sprinkle it with cinnamon powder.
Recite the following spell.

Love spell:

“I call the forces of the universe
With humility and devotion
To hear my prayer
And bring more passion.”

A tip: Red is the color of passion and loving forces. Wear that color while you cast the spell and also wear it from time to time in the days that follow.

Spell to Recover a Lost Love

Goal: To bring back a lost love.

If this relationship took place far away in time, make sure your feelings are real and you have not idealized them because of nostalgia.

How to cast the spell:

Light a pink candle and a violet candle.
Write on a piece of paper the name of your beloved.
Place inside a small cloth, savory and laurel. Align the three elements (candle, paper and sachet with herbs) in front of you.

Love spell:

“To have what is mine,
Recover my lost love
And reach equilibrium,
That’s why today
I call you with this prayer of mine.”

A tip: This spell needs a lot of concentration and a mind free of other energies.

Love Spell to Increase your Appeal and Attractiveness

Goal: To make you more desirable to others.

As in the previous spell, we recommend that you analyze your feelings and desires.

How to cast the love spell:

Put a piece of foil covering the area of the table where you are going to make the spell and place all the elements on top of the aluminum.
Place three red candles in line and light them.
In a piece of red cloth put a little cinnamon and a little salt. Place it in front of the candles.
Say the spell as you focus on the image of the person.

Love spell:

“I want to be more beautiful,
But not out of vanity,
Just to attract my beloved
And make him stay with me.”

A tip: Appeal is not as closely linked with physical attraction as we think, it is more related to the image we have of our own body and of ourselves as a person. Try to improve your own self image and increase your sensuality by feeling more secure and attractive (in every way, not just physically).

Spell to Get More Attention from Your Partner

Goal: Your partner will be more attentive and more aware of you.

How to cast the spell:

Place 3 candles in a triangle: one green, one pink and one orange.
In front of the candles place a sprig of bay leaf and another sprig of mint.
Recite the spell aloud.
Let the candles burn halfway and then snuff them off.

Love spell:

“I want to feel you closer,
Enjoy your attention
And those little details
That cheer the heart.”

A tip: If you do not get any of the colored candles you can substitute it with white candles with a paper of the color indicated above. In this case, be careful not to burn the paper.

Love Spell so that your Partner will be More Comprehensive With You

Goal: To facilitate the understanding between two people, and to favor that your ideas and feelings are understood and supported by your partner.

How to cast the spell:

On a piece of paper, write your partner’s name in green ink.
Place a green candle to the left of the paper.
Place a fennel sprig to the left of the candle.
Recite the spell.
Then burn the paper and snuff off the candle.

Love Spell

“To the forces of love I ask
More understanding to love you more
And that you understand me better.
So be it, and so it shall be.”

A tip:

If you feel that your partner does not understand you, ask yourself if you can express well what you want. Maybe he does not understand you because you have not been able to say it properly.

Love Spell to Keep Other People Away from your Partner

This love spell is even more powerful, so you must clear your mind of any bad energies before casting it. Make sure you are ready and able to do it correctly; If you think it is not the right moment, leave it for another day.

How to do it:

Put three daisies on the table.
Light three candles: one white, one pink and one brown.
Place them on a table making a triangle.
In the middle of the triangle, place some eucalyptus leaves.
Place an iron object in front of you.

Love Spell:

“With the strength you have given me
I protect my great love
Of third-party influences
That want to take it away from me.
I have the power to do it, and I do.”

A tip:

As in the previous spell, we recommend increasing your attention on your partner and keeping them busy, without falling into a sense of vigilance, as this would make the situation tense and oppressive, which always brings negative consequences.

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